Will Breast Enhancement Pills and Creams Really Work?

Heather Walter
For many women, having large, full and firm breasts are extremely desirable and as a result, the popularity of cosmetic augmentation has risen over the years. While implants are certainly an instant and effective solution, surgery is expensive and possibly risky, which is part of the reason as to why sales of natural, alternative breast enhancement supplements are growing.

Breast EnhancementWith this increased popularity though, there are now well over 150 products available in drug and health stores or very often, via the internet. Choosing the correct product is difficult and good results will only occur if the supplement contains the right amount of key ingredients. While some women opt to try a selection of brands before settling on the right one, others prefer to save time and money by learning about exactly what contributes to a worthy, quality product.

Breast development 101

The majority of breast development occurs during puberty, a time when increasing levels of growth hormones stimulate the appropriate breast tissues. It is during this time that the size, fullness and firmness of a woman's breasts are determined and anything that interrupts the process can result in underdevelopment. In fact, 80% of small, underdeveloped breasts are caused by the correct hormones not being available during this important growth period.

How do breast enhancement supplements work?

Most breast enhancement supplements work in a similar way to estrogen, with the plant compound phytoestrogen being the most commonly used ingredient. Although the degree of success depends somewhat on the individual's metabolism and body chemistry, a good supplement can increase the breast size in as little as 4 weeks of use. While most users experience a ½ -2 cup growth, some see their breasts increasing by as much as 3 full cup sizes in just 3 months.

Choosing a breast enhancement supplement

It is essential when shopping for this type of supplement to do plenty of research beforehand and to make sure the chosen brand includes high quality ingredients that are produced by reputable, high-tech manufacturers. The phytoestrogens and other key ingredients included must be of a superior quality and safety. The greatest overall breast enhancement products contain quality ingredients that have the potential to increase breast size and fullness giving you firmer and fuller breasts.