Arthro 7 Reviewed: Get the Facts About Arthro 7

Posted on: April 9, 2011
Editor Review: 3.5 / 5.0 editor's review
Nancy Stratton

The causes of joint pain can be diverse, and the degrees of pain can vary. But when you’re experiencing joint pain, you don’t care why it’s there; you just want it to stop. Arthro 7 is a joint pain reliever that works to relieve pain in stiff, swollen, achy joints. Whether the pain is caused by fibromyalgia, rheumatism, arthritis, or injury, this product can help. While it is suitable for people of all ages, it is especially helpful to those whose joint function has degenerated with age. The product website contains detailed information on the product, and also contains video testimonials from satisfied customers.

Arthro 7

Arthro 7 features a proprietary blend of ingredients, although the concentrations of those ingredients are not divulged. As opposed to using glucosamine and chondroitin, the most common joint health ingredients on the market, this product uses collagen and MSM together to repair damaged joint cells, strengthen ligaments, and rebuild healthy joint tissue. The proprietary blend also contains turmeric, a spice that can act as an anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is the reason behind most joint pain, and it can also cause damage to the joint over time. CMO is an essential fatty acid that acts as a joint lubricant to prevent irritation. Vitamin C provides further nourishment and joint support.

This product can begin working in as little as two weeks. And because Arthro 7 does not contain glucosamine or other ingredients derived from shellfish, it is safe for those with shellfish allergies. It also boasts an informative and helpful website that features product information, a full ingredient list, customer testimonials and information about clinical trials, discounted prices with enrollment in auto-shipping, a free bottle offer, and a sixty-day money-back guarantee on the product. But there are a few minor disadvantages to purchasing Arthro 7 as well. It doesn’t show immediate results. While it’s shellfish-free, it does contain products derived from chickens, so it’s not vegetarian. It is not sold in retail stores, and the “free bottle” offer is a little misleading. But it’s certainly worth a try for those experiencing persistent joint pain caused by joint inflammation.

It is never too early or too late to begin taking a joint supplement and making the practices outlined above part of your lifestyle. Using a good quality product will help repair existing tissue damage and also provide building blocks for stronger joints that are less susceptible to future degeneration. Reducing and relieving joint pain using a combination of supplements and lifestyle changes can improve overall mobility and help the joints function optimally. Incorporating the right essential ingredients should be the goal of anyone hoping to improve their overall quality of life.
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Arthro 7

Tips to Maintain Healthy Bones and Joints

  • Keep the body moving through regular exercise. Weight bearing exercise is great for maintain bone density, while stretching will keep the joints flexible, limber and avoid stiffness
  • Stay at a healthy weight. Additional body weight can cause the joints and bones to strain, causing pain and aches. Even losing 5 or 10lbs can make a big difference
  • Stop smoking. Nicotine and other harmful chemicals in cigarettes can deplete bone density making them more prone to fractures and reducing the production of essential hormones
  • Eat a diet rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids, which include certain fish, nuts and seeds, such as flax seed. They also keep the joints nicely lubricated, cuting down on inflammation-causing friction
  • Reduce the intake of over-processed foods that contain trans fats and refined carbohydrates. Some foods, such as those in the nightshade family, can cause inflammation in certain people while others, such as garlic, turmeric and virgin olive oil, have the opposite effect
  • Wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes that ensure proper posture, not straining any part of the body or subjecting it to undue stress

**This is a subjective assessment based on the strength of the available information and our estimation of efficiency.