Assertiveness – Asserting Yourself

Posted on: March 31, 2010

Being assertive is an aspect of human interaction that many people have a hard time expressing, but it is an important part of self improvement, especially if you are someone who feels like you are taken advantage of by other people. Improving your assertiveness can provide a number of different benefits, and here we’ll take a look at some of the ways that having a greater amount of assertiveness can improve your life. We’ll also go over some of the ways that you can train yourself to be more assertive.

Assertiveness – Asserting YourselfThe primary benefit of training yourself to be more assertive is that you will no longer experience the feeling of being walked on, or taken advantage. Being able to stand up for yourself and what you want, even in casual conversation or other non-threatening situations, will allow you to better express your ideas and get the things you want. It is also an important aspect to other areas of self improvement, such as confidence, self esteem, and overall attitude. Learning to assert yourself will make the process of improving yourself much easier and faster. However, if you have a hard time asserting yourself, it can be tricky and difficult to get started. So how do you start?

Learning to be assertive is hard, especially if you have no idea where to start. If you know an assertive friend, asking them to show you how they approach situations and some conversation techniques they have might help. The most important aspect of being assertive in conversation and other situations is to keep your goal in mind: are you trying to convince someone in a debate, or are you trying to bargain for a better deal on an item from a market? Set up some situations with a partner in which you attempt to get them to change their mind about something. Then keep your goal in mind, and consider the different ways you can approach the situation to succeed in that goal.

When attempting to train yourself to be more assertive, it’s important to remember not to allow yourself from being intimidated out of what you want, or to approach situations and problems in a passive manner. Self improvement is often a long and arduous process, and being proactive and aggressive about it can make it go a lot more smoothly. If you’re looking for an area in which to start, assertiveness is a solid choice.