BRAVA System Reviewed: Does BRAVA System Work?

Posted on: September 11, 2012
Editor Review: 3.5 / 5.0 editor's review
Heather Walter
BRAVA System Overview

The BRAVA System is a breast enhancement and shaping program that is claimed to have helped women all over the world feel more confident and sexy. The BRAVA System boasts of being the first clinically proven breast enhancement program that does not require surgery in order to produce results. Instead, the BRAVA System promotes the growth of women’s natural breast tissue. This system is reported to result in increases in breast size ranging from half a cup size to two full cup sizes. Pricing information for the BRAVA System could not be easily located on the official product website, and interested consumers are instructed to call certain phone numbers to determine ordering costs.

Ingredients of BRAVA System

The BRAVA system is not a pill product, unlike most other non-surgical breast enhancing options. Instead, the BRAVA system is made up of two somewhat rigid domes featuring engineered silicone gel rims, a sophisticated minicomputer, and a sports bra specially designed to hold the minicomputer and domes in place.

BRAVA System Product Description

BRAVA System

The BRAVA System relies on tissue expansion in order to produce its clinically proven breast enhancement benefits. Basically, during the BRAVA program the domes are used to cover breasts and apply sustained tension to them. This sustained tension is what causes the replication of cells, and this replication of breast cell tissues equates to increases in breast size. At the same time, the minicomputer monitors this tension/pressure between the domes in order to promote optimal breast enhancement benefits. The minicomputer also records the time spent wearing the BRAVA System, as well as the pressure applied by the domes. The BRAVA sports bra is used to ensure that all parts of the BRAVA System are secure. For optimal results the BRAVA System must be worn at least 10 hours a day for around 10 to 14 weeks.

Good About BRAVA System

  • The product offers clinically proven results.
  • BRAVA is endorsed by many satisfied user reviews.
  • A timeline for when results can be expected is provided online.
  • No pills or creams are used in this program.

Bad About BRAVA System

  • Pricing information for the BRAVA System is not provided online.
  • Results take at least 10 to 14 weeks.

BRAVA System The Bottom Line

The BRAVA System sounds like an appealing option for women who are really looking for a way to increase their breast size without turning to surgery. It is clinically proven and also backed by many satisfied user reviews. However, this system may be expensive, and the cost will probably deter many women.