BustMaxx Reviewed: Does BustMaxx Work?

Posted on: September 11, 2012
Editor Review: 3 / 5.0 editor's review
Heather Walter
BustMaxx Overview

BustMaxx is a breast-enhancing product touted as being able to produce both immediate and long lasting results. BustMaxx is presented as being the “safe, natural choice for increasing breast size.” In fact, much of the BustMaxx promotional material focuses on presenting BustMaxx as being an excellent and affordable alternative to breast-enhancement surgery. BustMaxx can currently be conveniently purchased through Amazon.com for about $35 per bottle of 60 capsules. One bottle of BustMaxx should last for around one month.

Ingredients of BustMaxx

BustMaxx is said to be made from “a proprietary blend of mastogenic herbs and exotic plant extracts.” Although a picture of this product’s ingredients label can be located through the BustMaxx Amazon.com shop, the words on this picture are simply too small and blurry to actually be legible.

BustMaxx Product Description


BustMaxx is claimed to be able to increase women’s breast sizes by up to three cup sizes. Product descriptions state that this increase in cup size is guaranteed, but user reviews indicate that receiving any monetary refund if BustMaxx does not product these results is difficult at best. BustMaxx must be taken for five months in order to produce optimal breast-enhancing benefits; this length of time equates to about six bottles of BustMaxx capsules. Through using BustMaxx women are promised to attain “larger, fuller, more perfect breasts”—results that should make them “finally feel good” about their bodies.

While official product descriptions state that BustMaxx is endorsed by a 98% customer success rate, the reviews online do not seem to reflect this. While some consumers do praise BustMaxx for relieving their symptoms of PMS and helping them to increase their bust size, many other women complain that using BustMaxx did absolutely nothing for them.

Good About BustMaxx

  • BustMaxx can be conveniently purchased online.
  • User reviews can easily be located for BustMaxx.

Bad About BustMaxx

  • This is a relatively expensive product, especially if used for five months as recommended.
  • BustMaxx has received many negative user reviews.
  • Clinical studies are not cited to prove either the effectiveness or the safety of BustMaxx.
  • There are no currently offered free samples of BustMaxx.

BustMaxx The Bottom Line

BustMaxx is not an ideal supplement. It is not endorsed by clinical studies, and there are many frustrated consumer complaints, despite its claimed “guarantee.” Therefore, women seeking ways to enhance their breasts should probably forego purchasing BustMaxx.