Cellasene Reviewed: Does Cellasene Work?

Editor Review: 3.5 / 5.0 editor's review
Heather Walter

What you should know about this product

Cellasene is a brand of cellulite treatment that is said to ‘scale down’ fatty deposits in the skin. While there doesn’t appear to be an official website for Cellasene, some information can be found through online retailers that carry the product. One such site contains a large amount of information regarding the problem of cellulite and gives tips on lifestyle changes that can be made in order to help eliminate it, along with the use of Cellasene. Unlike many cellulite products, Cellasene is an oral capsule that works to treat the problem from the inside out. There are no clinical studies to show that Cellasene works as well as promised (i.e. it has an effect within 6-8 weeks), but there are positive customer testimonials provided.

The actual cost of Cellasene is not listed and there does not appear to be any money back guarantees associated with the brand. Additionally, the manufacturer of Cellasene is not known and no contact information is provided.

Ingredients contained in this product

Gelatin, Borage Oil, Grape Seed, Sweet Clover, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, Fish Liver Oil, Glycerol, Fatty Acids, Soybean, Bladderwrack, Lecithin, Soy

Product Features


All ingredients contained in the Cellasene formula are listed and the key ingredients are explained in detail. The formula is a combination of plant extracts and herbs such as Grapeseed Bioflavonoids which are powerful anti-oxidants, Ginkgo Biloba to boost microcirculation, Sweet Clover to improve lymph drainage for the elimination of toxins and Fucus Vesiculosus, an Algae that boosts the metabolic rate.

There are different dosage instructions provided depending on the severity of the cellulite but generally it is recommended that 2 capsules are taken daily.


  • All ingredients are listed
  • The Cellasene formula is all natural
  • The product label is shown
  • Customer testimonials are shown


  • There is no official website
  • No money back guarantee is shown
  • No clinical studies are cited
  • The manufacturer is not known
  • The cost of Cellasene is not listed


While Cellasene is somewhat unique for the fact that it is an oral capsule as opposed to a topical cream, it is worrying that there appears to be a number of warnings about the product on the internet. In addition to this, the product is not available on many retail sites at the time of writing nor is the actual cost of the capsules listed. Cellasene is definitely a product that cannot be recommended to anyone hoping to eliminate cellulite.