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Posted on: April 14, 2011

Tanya Morgan

What Makes DermaCut™ The Best Fat-Reducing Gel on The Market?

DermaCutMen and woman who work out regularly do so with the expectation that exercise will give them a ripped physique. And while lifting weights and doing endless sit-ups and push-ups will invariably build and tone muscle, these activities may not be enough to remove fat deposits that often form in certain upper body regions, namely the abdomen, chest, and back. DermaCut™ is a revolutionary, multi-action topical product that can target these fat accumulations to shrink them and help prevent them from coming back. Its two main fat-altering ingredients were developed by European scientists and have been rigorously studied, while the other vital extracts are found in some of the world’s best skin care products.

DermaCut™ Key Product Benefits

  • Spot treats problem areas
  • Shrinks fat deposits
  • Prevents future fat accumulation
  • Fast results
  • No harmful ingredients
  • No oily residue or unpleasant odor
  • Enhances workout results
  • Formulated with proven compounds
  • An easy approach to fat reduction
  • 60 Day – 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • A free E-Book on Fat Loss (valued $22)

DermaCut™ Key Ingredients

The two most noteworthy ingredients in DermaCut™ are Adiposlim and Adipoless. The first is a fat mobilizer and reducer that can minimize the subcutaneous layer of fat in all problem areas of the body. It works to release and remove fat stored in those unsightly pockets and deposits. Once it begins circulating through the bloodstream, it can easily be burned. Additionally, Adiposlim can hinder the synthesis of free fatty acids that can collect in the adipocytes (fat cells). Adipoless can make it easier for users to maintain results by inhibiting fat accumulation and the development of new fat cells. Both ingredients also promote optimal circulation.

DermaCut™ also contains squalane and hyaluronic acid, both of which can improve moisture levels in skin. This is a favorable effect for men and women struggling with fat deposits that make skin appear lumpy or irregular. Hyaluronic acid, for instance, can plump skin to give it a more even appearance. Squalane offers the added benefits of protecting skin from environmental stressors and promoting the synthesis of new skin cells. While these ingredients may not seem as important as the ones designed specifically to cut fat, potential users should bear in mind that caring for and moisturizing skin can improve the overall look and feel of lean, toned areas of the body.

Video Published on Official Dermacut Site

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Safety Profile Of DermaCut™

Because DermaCut™ does not contain any harsh extracts or artificial fragrances, most users should not experience any irritation or adverse effects whatsoever while using DermaCut™. The topical fat-fighting cream is produced in accordance with stringent safety and manufacturing standards.

While DermaCut™ is gentle and non-irritating, users should watch for skin issues such as rashes, inflammation, and redness in the area around the site of application, and should immediately discontinue use if any of these problems are observed. DermaCut™ is for topical use only.


DermaCut™ is specially formulated to fight fat under the surface layer of skin, which can be practically impossible to shed. The science behind the duo of proprietary ingredients in DermaCut-Adiposlim and Adipoless-appears to be very sound. The product also improves the condition of skin, which may not be a top priority for many some users, but is nevertheless vital if they hope to look their best. Many users will be able to notice improvement after just a few applications, but the makers of DermaCut™ recommend using the gel regularly for an entire month to see full results.

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