femMED: Does femMED Work?

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Gina Stern
What You Should Know About This Product

femMED is a non-prescription line of products that claim to treat the symptoms of menopause, perimenopause and PMS. The company says its 13 different products will improve a woman’s overall health and well-being. femMED products are backed by clinical studies. femMED’s official website has video information, testimonials, FAQs, the list of ingredients in each product and more.

femMED is available for purchase on its website. There is a 30-day money back guarantee. There are many customer testimonials for each product. There is also a video from the company founder about each of the 13 femMED products.

femMED – Product Features


femMED products are all made with herbs, vitamins and minerals. The products are never tested on animals. There are 13 different products that claim to improve women’s health including: Bone Health, Breast Health, Energy, Hair, Skin & Nails, Heart Health, Hormonal Balance, Libido, Menopause Relief, Multi + Antioxidants, Pregnancy + Ginger, Pregnancy, Sleep and Weight Management. All the ingredients contained in each femMED product are listed on the website. Plus there are testimonials and FAQs for each product. femMED products have different dosages and how long each product should be taken.

femMED claims its products are clinically proven. This line of products are complementary in that if a woman is experiencing symptoms for more than one issue, then she would need to take the appropriate supplement for each symptom.

femMED products are made of natural ingredients and the website contains a lot of information about each item. There are videos explaining how femMED products work. The company purports to help women going through menopause, perimenopause, and PMS.

Advantages Of femMED

  • femMED is backed by clinical trials.
  • femMED has a multitude of customer testimonials for each product.
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The website lists all the ingredients for each product.
  • There are informative videos on the femMED website.

Disadvantages Of femMED

  • femMED products have to be taken in conjunction with one another if a woman is experiencing more than one health problem.
  • The femMED website is quite large and would take a long time to navigate.
  • No free samples are offered.

femMED – The Bottom Line

femMED products are geared toward women and were created by a woman who appears in videos on the website. However, the main problem with this line of products is that if a customer is experiencing more than one symptom, she will need to take multiple femMED products. Of course, the website says all the products are safe to take together (except for the products “Sleep” and “Energy”), but that would obviously be a costly solution.

Natural treatment options can provide options for menopausal women so they can reduce menopausal symptoms such as weight gain, hot flashes/flushes, night sweats, decreased libido and mood swings. Finding the right product can be a difficult process considering the vast array of products and ingredients available. A quality menopause relief product should contain clinically proven ingredients that will help reduce menopausal weight gain and symptoms like hot flashes, hot flushes and night sweats, decreased libido while promoting hormonal balance. Below you'll find some of the most effective products that will help you resume living your life instead of merely enduring it.
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