Lipoderm Reviewed: Does Lipoderm Work?

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Beth Sanders
Lipoderm Review: How Effective Is This Product?
What You Should Know About This Product

Lipoderm-Y is manufactured by Avant Labs as a topical hydro alcoholic gel for a spot reduction of fat.

Ingredients Contained In The Product

Active ingredients – Yohimbe HCL, Caffeine Anhydrous

Lipoderm The Product Details


Lipoderm is a spray-on gel for targeted fat reduction. It contains 3 grams of Yohimbe HCL, an ingredient found in many body-building supplements for reduction of body fat and which contains stimulant properties. Some experts have expressed concerns about Yohimbe and its side effects, which may include blood pressure changes and increased risk of heart problems. Its additional ingredient includes 4.5g of caffeine, which is said to help increase the fat burning properties of this product whilst helping to remove excess water from the area of skin, enabling results to be more apparent. Lipoderm also contains Synephrine, a substitute to ephedrine. A 4floz bottle contains 30 – 60 applications and can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website or third party websites. Prices vary considerably but can be found between $24.80 – $44.99 for a 4floz bottle.

Strengths of Lipoderm

  • Can be purchased directly from manufacturer’s website or from third party websites.

  • May prove more cost effective than competitive products.
  • Contains Synephrine as a substitute to Ephedrine, which is illegal for purchase in large quantities in the USA due to its side effects.
  • Described as non-stimulating.
  • Fast drying and no stains.

Weaknesses of Lipoderm

  • Must be used calorie controlled diet and exercise.
  • No clinical studies available regarding efficacy of this product.
  • Limited information on manufacturer’s website regarding how this product works.
  • The ingredient Yohimbine may produce increase in libido, although the manufacturer does not mention if this can be a side effect of the product.
  • There may be serious side effects associated with Yohimbine, such as blood pressure changes and increased risk of heart problems. Consumers are advised to research this ingredient before use.

Lipoderm The Bottom Line

Ingredients such as Yohimbine HCL do have stimulant properties. However, the studies regarding efficacy of reduction of body fat through topical administration are lacking. This product claims to provide fat burning without the use of stimulants. However, it does contain the stimulant caffeine, although this is in a low concentration. Although it uses Synephrine as an alternative to Ephedrine (illegal for purchase in large quantities due to safety concerns), it does share similar molecular structure to this ingredient proving cause for concern amongst some consumers.

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Tips For Getting A Toned Tummy

  • Eat a healthy diet that is lower in refined carbohydrates, sugars and trans fats. Eating regular, smaller meals maintains the metabolism to burn fat efficiently
  • Adequate fluid intake keeps the body flushed of toxins and maintains regularity, keeping the system functioning at an optimal level
  • Avoid alcohol - it has no nutritional value and simply adds empty calories
  • Participate in regular exercise. Cardiovascular activity will help raise the metabolism and heart rate, while working out with weights tones the body and builds muscle
  • Perform exercises that target all areas of the stomach including the obliques and lower abdomen

**This is a subjective assessment based on the strength of the available information and our estimation of efficiency.