NovaFlex Reviewed: Does NovaFlex Work?

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Nancy Stratton
NovaFlex Review: How Effective Is This Product?
What You Should Know About This Product

NovaFlex is a joint heath product that is promised to provide noticeable results after just one week of use. NovaFlex is said to provide nourishment to cartilage while also relieving joint pain, and using this product may also help give moisture and nourishment to skin, according to official product descriptions. NovaFlex is formulated from the belief that the number one reason for joint pain is worn out cartilage; therefore, this product contains ingredients such as Biovaflex and chondroitin sulfate for rebuilding and strengthening joint cartilage. A single bottle of 60 NovaFlex capsules costs $39.95, but larger orders are sold at discounted rates.

Ingredients Contained In The Product

NovaFlex’s ingredients include BioCell Collagen Type, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid (HA), hydrolyzed collagen II, Biovaflex, Boswellia serrata, and tumeric extract.

NovaFlex The Product Details


Clinical studies conducted on some of the key active ingredients in NovaFlex are cited as proof that this supplement should really be able to provide its promised benefits. During such studies participants reported noticing a significant reduction in joint pain after just one week; participants also reported increased ease in performing everyday motions, such as climbing stairs. The ingredients in NovaFlex include compounds for the purpose of improving joint lubrication, as well as compounds for restoring and rebuilding joints. For example, Biovaflex is a water soluble eggshell membrane complex; eggshell membranes are made from compounds similar to those in healthy joints, so this complex is promised to help improve overall joint health. At the same time, hyaluronic acid is included because of its lubrication benefits while Bosellia serrata is used as an anti-inflammatory. For optimal results, consumers are recommended to take two NovaFlex capsules per day.

NovaFlex is endorsed by many satisfied user testimonials which are featured on the official product website. Additionally, all NovaFlex purchases are endorsed by a 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Strengths of NovaFlex

  • NovaFlex is endorsed by customer reviews.
  • NovaFlex is backed by an extensive satisfaction guarantee.
  • This product can be conveniently purchased online.
  • Clinical studies have been performed on some of the ingredients in NovaFlex; these studies confirmed their claimed joint-health benefits.

Weaknesses of NovaFlex

  • The price is higher than that of other similarly formulated joint health supplements.
  • There are no currently offered free trial samples of NovaFlex.

NovaFlex The Bottom Line

NovaFlex sounds like a promising joint health supplement. It includes clinically endorsed ingredients, and its complete formula is praised by many user reviews. Additionally, all purchases are backed by a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. However, the cost of NovaFlex may be seen as a major con by some consumers, and these consumers may wish to look for a supplement made from similar ingredients but sold for a lower cost.

It is never too early or too late to begin taking a joint supplement and making the practices outlined above part of your lifestyle. Using a good quality product will help repair existing tissue damage and also provide building blocks for stronger joints that are less susceptible to future degeneration. Reducing and relieving joint pain using a combination of supplements and lifestyle changes can improve overall mobility and help the joints function optimally. Incorporating the right essential ingredients should be the goal of anyone hoping to improve their overall quality of life.
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Tips to Maintain Healthy Bones and Joints

  • Keep the body moving through regular exercise. Weight bearing exercise is great for maintain bone density, while stretching will keep the joints flexible, limber and avoid stiffness
  • Stay at a healthy weight. Additional body weight can cause the joints and bones to strain, causing pain and aches. Even losing 5 or 10lbs can make a big difference
  • Stop smoking. Nicotine and other harmful chemicals in cigarettes can deplete bone density making them more prone to fractures and reducing the production of essential hormones
  • Eat a diet rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids, which include certain fish, nuts and seeds, such as flax seed. They also keep the joints nicely lubricated, cuting down on inflammation-causing friction
  • Reduce the intake of over-processed foods that contain trans fats and refined carbohydrates. Some foods, such as those in the nightshade family, can cause inflammation in certain people while others, such as garlic, turmeric and virgin olive oil, have the opposite effect
  • Wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes that ensure proper posture, not straining any part of the body or subjecting it to undue stress

**This is a subjective assessment based on the strength of the available information and our estimation of efficiency.