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Posted on: April 6, 2011
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Beth Sanders

Why Is Phenocal The Best Diet Supplement?

There are so many products out there that promise to help people lose weight* that knowing which one to choose can be extremely difficult. Phenocal is designed for individuals who want a comprehensive and natural approach to losing weight* that doesn’t involve ingesting large amounts of caffeine or other stimulants. The formula contains numerous ingredients that have been studied by scientists and found to support healthy weight loss*. This, as opposed to the quick weight loss* achieved with crash diets and caffeine, is the kind that can often be sustained over the long-term.

Phenocal Key Product Benefits

  • Contains clinically tested ingredients
  • Increases energy levels
  • Safely boosts metabolism
  • Promotes suppression and control of appetite
  • Maximizes diet and exercise results
  • Provides thermogenic effects for increased fat-burning
  • Comes with a healthy living weight loss* eBook
  • 100% natural and stimulant free
  • 60 Day – 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • A free E-Book on Weight Loss* (valued $29)

Phenocal Key Ingredients

Something you’ll quickly notice about the list of ingredients in Phenocal is that it is very complete. By combining more than a dozen extracts and vitamins, the manufacturers of Phenocal have created a product that can address weight loss* from all angles. Phenocal contains five different forms of vitamin B, which has several known positive effects related to weight loss*. Vitamin B1 helps increase energy and makes it easier for the body to use that energy, and vitamin B5 assists with the breakdown of nutrients in foods. Vitamin B6 provides metabolic support, vitamin B2 (also known as riboflavin) helps burn fat and boost energy, and B12 is most known for increasing energy levels.

Phenocal is not merely a vitamin supplement, however. It also has a number of herbal extracts and other substances. One of these is biotin, which can help the body break down food and make essential substances such as amino acids. There is also chromium and 5-HTP to help prevent carbohydrate cravings, folic acid to support fat burning, fucoxanthin to boost metabolism through thermogenesis, and glucomannan to provide a rich source of soluble fiber that can make you feel less hungry. The hoodia gordonii and cocoa extract in Phenocal can both help with appetite suppression, and research shows the latter can also increase energy and alertness. The advantageous effects of the green tea leaf extract and conjugated linoleic acids in Phenocal have been documented in weight loss* studies, and include lower body mass indexes (BMIs), reductions in body fat, smaller waist sizes, and more weight loss* compared to participants given a placebo. Finally, Phenocal contains Bioperine to ensure the body can make efficient use of all the substances found in the weight loss* supplement.

Video Published on Official Phenocal Site

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Safety Profile Of Phenocal

Many of the adverse effects of diet supplements, such as anxiety and sleeping problems, are caused by the stimulants found in these products. Phenocal is stimulant-free, and is described by the manufacturer as “100% safe and natural.” Most people will not experience any problems while taking Phenocal. The site, however, does recommend that anyone with a health problem and/or people on meds check with a physician before taking Phenocal.


Phenocal is not a miracle pill that will cause you to lose massive amounts of weight without making any changes to your lifestyle. It is designed to enhance the results achieved through diet and exercise. There are scientifically-researched ingredients in the product that have been shown to deliver all of the key benefits claimed by the manufacturer. When used as part of an overall weight reduction program, Phenocal can help not only lower the number on the scale, but also reduce body fat and increase overall energy and vitality.

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