PM PhytoGen Complex: Does PM PhytoGen Complex Work?

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Gina Stern
What You Should Know About This Product

Most women will experience some form of menopausal symptoms although these can range from very mild – occasional hot flashes, excessive sweating – to severe, such as weight gain, insomnia and anxiety. PM PhytoGen Complex is designed to help treat some of the less severe, more common symptoms and it is manufactured by Solgar, an established company and manufacturer of a wide range of health supplements. Although Solgar does have an official website, there is very limited information about PM PhytoGen Complex on the site, and the consumer needs to research the sites of independent retails for full details. However, Solgar does provide general health and menopause information, links to retail locations and background details for the company.

PM PhytoGen Complex is available for an average cost of $25.00 per bottle, but retailers also sell it at discount prices.

Ingredients of PM PhytoGen Complex

Puerana Mirifica (Thai Kudza), Folic acid, Vitamin B12, Biotin

PM PhytoGen Complex – Product Features

PM PhytoGen Complex

The key active ingredient in PM PhytoGen Complex is Puerana Mirifica. This is a powerful phytoestrogen, a plant substance that ‘imitates’ estrogen in the body. This is particularly beneficial to relieving menopause symptoms due to the fact that they are caused by a drop in naturally produced estrogen during this time. By supplementing the system, the body regains a hormonal balance which reduces night sweats, irritability, mood swings and hot flashes. Solgar uses a proprietary technology called Smartabsorb, which allows the formula to be absorbed into the system quickly, resulting in fast-acting relief.

Advantages Of PM PhytoGen Complex

  • PM PhytoGen Complex is a potent Phytoestrogen
  • It is available in retail stores
  • The product is all-natural
  • Solgar is an established company
  • PM PhytoGen complex is affordable

Disadvantages Of PM PhytoGen Complex

  • There is no clear money back guarantee
  • Solgar website information is limited
  • No clinical studies are shown

PM PhytoGen Complex – The Bottom Line

Despite the lack of clinical evidence on the Solgar website, there is substantial proof that Phytoestrogens can help relieve symptoms of menopause. Although there are no details as to how fast-acting PM PhytoGen Complex is, if taken regularly overtime it should at least relieve some of the milder hot flashes and night sweats.

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