Profemme Reviewed: Does Profemme Work?

Editor Review: 3.5 / 5.0 editor's review
Heather Walter
Profemme Overview

Profemme is an all natural, herb-based pill promised to help women gain larger, firmer breasts in as little as one month. Profemme is said to “feed” the breasts’ estrogen receptors an increased amount of hormones that cause growth in order to provide these promised breast enhancement benefits. This product is presented as being an ideal alternative to risky and invasive breast-enhancing surgical treatments. Profemme can be purchased through the official product website. The price of Profemme is dependent upon the number of capsules ordered; a two month supply costs about $80 while an eight month supply costs around $240.

Ingredients of Profemme

Profemme’s ingredients include fenugreek seed extract, fennel seed, Dong Quai root, blessed thistle, L-tyrosine, kelp, mother’s wort, damiana leaf, wild yam, and saw palmetto.

Profemme Product Description


Profemme is touted as being an ideal way to achieve ideal breasts. Much less expensive than surgery, using Profemme also does not require any potentially embarrassing doctor’s appointments and the company boasts of also offering a discreet shipping and billing system. Profemme capsules are said to produce an average breast growth of around one or two cup sizes; improvements in the overall firmness of breasts are also said to be achievable through taking Profemme. Three Profemme capsules are to be taken per day; users should not exceed this recommended daily dosage. Optimal breast enhancement results are said to become noticeable after taking Profemme as directed for three to six months. All purchases of Profemme are endorsed by a money-back satisfaction guarantee that is redeemable within a year of the initial date of purchase.

Good About Profemme

  • A timeline for results should become noticeable is provided online.
  • Bulk orders of Profemme are sold at discounted rates.
  • Profemme can be ordered through its official product website.
  • This product is endorsed by a lengthy satisfaction guarantee.

Bad About Profemme

  • Clinical studies conducted directly on Profemme are not cited.
  • Profemme is not currently offered as a free sample.
  • Even at the discounted rates, Profemme is still somewhat expensive.
  • User reviews are not cited online.

Profemme The Bottom Line

Profemme’s claimed benefits are typical of breast enhancement supplements. However, consumers should still always be careful about taking any supplements that may affect their hormones. Perhaps Profemme’s greatest advantage over any other comparable supplements is its one year satisfaction guarantee; besides this guarantee, there really isn’t too much that makes Profemme stand out from other similar supplements.