Proloftin Reviewed: Does Proloftin Work?

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Gina Stern
Proloftin Overview

Proloftin is a product that is now sold under the name of “Primal Calm.” Made by Primal Nutrition, this supplement was/is designed to provide relief from stressful feelings, leaving users feeling calmer and more equipped to face the world around them. Proloftin is also presented as being a supplement that may help individuals lose weight, presumably due to the correlation between stress and weight gain. (Typically speaking, most people tend to consume more unnecessary calories when they are feeling stressed than when they are not.) A bottle of 60 capsules of Proloftin/Primal Calm costs just under $50 when purchased through or through the official product website.

Ingredients contained In This Product

Proloftin’s formula contains calcium, magnesium, Phosphatidyl Serine (SerinAid), L-theanine (Suntheanine), magnolia bark, Rhodiola rosea, beta sitosterol, gelatin (capsule), magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, and microcrystalline cellulose.

Proloftin The Product Details


Proloftin is presented as being a supplement ideal for consumers who find that their feelings of stress and anxiety are hindering them from performing their best in various areas of their lives. This supplement is said to provide fairly fast-acting relief from these unwanted stressful feelings; users should be able to feel a noticeable reduction in their stress levels within 30 minutes to 2 hours of taking it. Additionally, the calming benefits of Proloftin are promised to possibly last all day. In other words, Proloftin is said to provide fast-acting yet extended relief from stressful feelings.

Proloftin can only be currently purchased under its new name: Primal Calm. Users are advised to take two capsules per day; this dosage can be increased to four capsules during particularly stressful times, but consumers should never take more than six Proloftin capsules per 24 hour period. For optimal results, Proloftin should be consumed at the same time as meal.

Strengths of Proloftin

  • Full ingredient information is provided online.
  • Dosage instructions are featured on the product’s website.
  • There are positive user reviews of this supplement.
  • This supplement is backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Weaknesses of Proloftin

  • The name change from Proloftin to Primal Calm may be confusing for some consumers.
  • Clinical studies have not been carried out on this supplement.
  • There are no free trial offers of Proloftin/Primal Calm.

Proloftin The Bottom Line

Proloftin is a relatively expensive anti-anxiety supplement, but there does not seem to be any real reason to justify this high price. It is not endorsed by clinical studies, and its ingredients are very similar to those of other less expensive anti-anxiety products. Additionally, the fact that this product is no longer sold under this name is somewhat confusing.

Good quality products should take a complete approach to both symptom resolution and improving the quality of your life. They should restore and balance healthy neurological function and provide the nutritional support your body needs for overall well-being.

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