Relora Reviewed: Does Relora Work?

Posted on: September 26, 2012
Editor Review: 3 / 5.0 editor's review
Gina Stern
Relora Overview

Relora is primarily promoted as being a weight loss formula that can also help to reduce levels of stress. More specifically, the makers of Relora state that weight gain (and difficulty with losing weight) is usually related in some way to unhealthy levels of stress in a consumer’s life. Therefore, this supplement is claimed to provide a solution to this issue by combating high levels of stress. In other words, Relora helps consumers lose weight by helping them lose stress. Relora is manufactured by Next Pharmaceuticals and is sold through many different health supplement retailers, both online and in stores. The average cost for supplements containing the Relora formula seems to fall around $20.

Ingredients contained In This Product

Relora is made of a proprietary blend of natural extracts. Specifically speaking, the Relora proprietary blend includes Magnolia officinalis and Phellodendron amurense, two plant extracts that have been used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine for years.

Relora The Product Details


This formula is a natural way to cut down on both unwanted belly fat and stressful feelings, according to official product descriptions. Since Relora is a formula (and not a specific supplement), consumers can choose from a number of different products that offer the complete Relora proprietary blend in them. This blend is promised to provide both appetite-satiation and anti-anxiety benefits, offering a “double strike” against weight gain. (Reduced stress should help improve weight loss results, and any reduction in calorie consumption should also offer similar benefits.) One product that contains the Relora proprietary blend is Solanova Bio Capsules. Supplements such as these bio capsules that contain Relora should not be purchased by anyone under 18 years of age.

Strengths of Relora

  • Some of the supplements containing this formula are sold with satisfaction guarantees.
  • There are many different supplements that contain Relora, so consumers are presented with a wide selection of options to choose from.
  • Some of the supplements containing Relora are relatively inexpensive.

Weaknesses of Relora

  • Free samples of products containing Relora are not currently promoted.
  • Clinical studies conducted directly on Relora are difficult to locate.

Relora The Bottom Line

Relora sounds like it could be a promising proprietary blend, but the information available online about this product is still rather lacking. Overall, it appears that the value of any product containing Relora in it will really have to be evaluated in terms of that specific product. For example, such a product should not be evaluated only on whether or not it contains this proprietary blend but also on whether or not it is clinically tested and backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Good quality products should take a complete approach to both symptom resolution and improving the quality of your life. They should restore and balance healthy neurological function and provide the nutritional support your body needs for overall well-being.

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