Vital 3 Reviewed: Get the Facts about Vital 3

Posted on: April 7, 2011
Editor Review: 3.5 / 5.0 editor's review
Nancy Stratton

Vital 3 is a unique liquid supplement for joint pain relief and overall joint health. The website claims that results will be seen in about 6 weeks, and there are customer testimonials to support these claims on the manufacturer’s website. This product has been part of clinical studies, and there is an entire section of the website that focuses on the science behind Vital 3 and how it works in a clinical environment. The website allows purchase of this product complete with a 1 year guarantee, which is almost unheard of. Free shipping is another benefit available, and contact information for the company is easy to find.

Vital 3

Vital 3 can be taken with glucosamine supplements, but it does not contain the ingredient itself. The only ingredients in this supplement are Collagen Type II-n-1 fragments, diluted acetic acid, and distilled water. Users are supposed to take 3 drops in juice or water daily for effective results, and this product claims to be fast-acting because of its liquid form. Some users report success faster than the suggested 6 weeks, but it varies. The website provides a full list of ingredients, as well as plenty of useful information about the product and how it works.Vital 3 can only be purchased online.

This product is clinically proven, and offers all the ingredients and information on the website. It also provides you with contact information and a guarantee, which many products don’t have. You can find plenty of testimonials and study results that promote this product, but it doesn’t contain the well-known glucosamine for joint health. It also requires ongoing use for maximum effectiveness and cannot be purchased anywhere but the website. All in all, this product offers plenty of supporting evidence for its claims of effectiveness and a 365 day guarantee, which makes it worth a shot for anyone looking for an easier or affordable way to find relief from joint pain.

Where To Find It?

This Product can be found at the official site