ZzzQuil Reviewed: Does ZzzQuil Work?

Posted on: September 11, 2012
Editor Review: 3.5 / 5.0 editor's review
Gina Stern
ZzzQuil Overview

ZzzQuil is a sleep aid made by the same company that sells well-known products Vicks and NyQuil. ZzzQuil is promised to help users fall a sleep quickly and wake up feeling refreshed, and this product is also promised to be non-addictive. Because of this, consumers should be able to use ZzzQuil infrequently if desired, instead of having to rely on it to help them fall a sleep every night. Unlike some other sleep aids that also contain pain relievers in their formulas, ZzzQuil’s formula does not contain any such compounds and is instead only intended to be used strictly as a sleep aid. ZzzQuil is promoted through its official product website where information about retailers of it is also provided. ZzzQuil can be purchased through many regular drug and department stores for around $13 per 48 count box or $8 per 12oz of liquid.

Ingredients contained In This Product

Complete ingredient information for ZzzQuil can be located through the official product website. Both ZzzQuil Liquid and ZzzQuil Liquicaps formulas contain Diphenhydramine HCl (50 mg/serving size) as their active ingredient.

ZzzQuil The Product Details


As previously mentioned, ZzzQuil can be purchased in either liquid gel capsule form or liquid form. This should allow consumers who have a particular preference for the form of their sleep aids to choose their favorite. ZzzQuil’s key active ingredient has been tested and is considered “safe.” However, consumers are still recommended to only use ZzzQuil as it was originally intended to be used—as an occasional sleep aid and not as an everyday product. While using ZzzQuil should not be habit forming, the official ZzzQuil website warns that more frequent cases of insomnia may be indicative of more serious underlying health issues that might need to be addressed by a physician. ZzzQuil, on the other hand, can be purchased and used without the need for a prescription.

Strengths of ZzzQuil

  • Complete formula information is provided online.
  • This is an affordable product.
  • Detailed information about how ZzzQuil should be used is given on its official website.
  • Clinical studies have verified that the key ingredient in ZzzQuil can be considered safe.

Weaknesses of ZzzQuil

  • There are no free samples of ZzzQuil.
  • Purchases of ZzzQuil may not be endorsed by a satisfaction guarantee.

ZzzQuil The Bottom Line

Overall, ZzzQuil sounds like a product that should prove beneficial for anyone seeking to purchase a sleep enhancer for occasional use. It is made by a company with a good reputation and is sold for a very affordable price. However, for anyone looking for a sleep aid to use relatively frequently, ZzzQuil is not a good option because it is not intended for this kind of use.

Good quality products will regulate and maintain sleep patterns and promote relaxation, allowing the user to fall asleep more easily. There should be no risk of side effects and the right ingredients will not leave the user feeling 'groggy' in the morning. Effective natural sleep aids will help you return to a normal sleep schedule and increase the quality of the sleep thereby dramatically improving overall health, mood, and well-being.

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Tips To Help Relieve Insomnia Symptoms

  • Avoid stimulants such as nicotine, caffeine and alcohol, especially late at night
  • Participating in regular exercise will not only keep the body healthy but relieve sleep disorders, allowing you to enjoy restful night
  • Try to keep to a regular bedtime. Go to bed at the same time every night, even on the weekends, to regulate your sleep cycle
  • Avoid napping during the day if possible as it will only exacerbate insomnia symptoms
  • Learning relaxation techniques or meditation can help still the mind, allowing sleep to occur easily and quickly

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