Flattering Fashion – Choosing the Right Pants

There’s no better feeling than slipping into your favorite pair of pants, and heading out for a night on the town knowing that you look as good as you feel. Finding that perfect pair of pants, however, can be quite a challenge; especially if you’re not really sure which styles will be the most flattering for your body type. Whether you’re a size two looking for the skinniest leg jeans around, or a mom looking to work her way back into the pants she was wearing before her baby arrived in the world, here are some tips for shopping smart and choosing the most flattering fashions for your body type.

Flattering Fashion – Choosing the Right PantsThe first and most important thing that you have to understand when you go shopping for pants is that the cut and style of the pants are the features that will make or break the way that they look when you have them on. There are a wide variety of different lengths, cuts, and fits, from relaxed and long, to petite and flared. You’ll have to try on a lot of pants before you figure out which is right for you, but usually any body type will look good in a mid-rise, boot cut.

Another thing that’s essential to choosing the right pants is to consider the fabrics and materials that were used to make the garment. There was a time when pants were denim, tweed, or corduroy, but now there are many more fabrics to choose from. Styles that are made from natural fibers, like cotton, silk and linen will always been the most comfortable and usually the most flattering. If you’re looking to slim your figure, stay away from pants that are made from tight, stiff materials, as this will just make you feel uncomfortable and draw attention to your size.

Length is another one of the most important elements to choosing a flattering pair of pants. Consider the types of things that you’re going to be doing while wearing the pants and also the shoes that you’re likely to pair with the entire outfit. If you’re buying a pair of dressy pants that you’re sure you’ll pair with heels, it might be ok to buy them a little on the long side. Likewise, if you’ve found a pair of pants that fit perfectly in the leg and bottom, but are too long for your, buy them anyway and have a tailor take up the hem for you.