Lipozone Reviewed: Does Lipozone Work?

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Heather Walter
What You Should Know About This Product

Lipozone, manufactured by the French company Goemar Laboratory, is a beauty product aimed at reducing cellulite deposits while smoothing out the surface of the skin in general. Through its application as a topical anti-cellulite lotion, Lipozone offers a non-pill treatment for mitigating unwanted cellulite. In addition to breaking down cellulite, this product is also promoted as an instantly drying lotion that leaves skin feeling smooth, soft, and lightly scented.

Lipozone The Product Details


Lipozone’s unique formula contains a host of naturally derived ingredients, including caffeine, cytofiltrate of the Ginkgo biloba tree, herb extracts from Centella asiatica, and amadorine. Algal derivatives such as the cytofiltrate of Fucus serratus also take their place in the list of Lipozone components. The exact purpose of each of these ingredients varies; while the caffeine and the algae work together to promote fat reduction, the Gingko biloba extracts aid in activating drainage. The creators of Lipozone claim that this cream can not only fight the formation of cellulite, but it can also combat the proliferation of this skin issue as well. Clinical trials performed at French laboratory, Laboratoire DERMSCAN, reported that after 28 days of using Lipozone, 91% of the women in the study claimed to have noticed an increase in skin firmness where the product was applied. Additionally, 96% of the women praised the product for its pleasant aroma, and 83.5% said that their skin was softer after this four week period of using Lipozone. However, a package of Lipozone (sold for $29.90) does not contain four weeks’ supply of the lotion; instead, a product package includes 14 single doses of Lipozone, to be applied in half-doses (once in the morning, once at night) for 14 consecutive days.

Strengths of Lipozone

  • Lipozone is a topical treatment, causing it to be less invasive than pills to a woman’s body in general.
  • While Lipozone’s clinical results suggest that users should apply the product for 28 days for best results, Lipozone treatment can actually be discontinued at any time with no proven side effects. Additionally, women can re-start the use of Lipozone whenever they feel the need to do so.
  • The manufacturer of Lipozone provides a thorough description of what each of the active natural ingredients in the cream actually does, helping users feel more confident about their use of the product.
  • Lipozone can be used by women of all ages; however, pregnant women are advised to wait until after delivery to experience optimal results.

Weaknesses of Lipozone

  • At $29.90 for only half the recommended usage amount of this lotion, Lipozone could potentially be an expensive treatment (depending upon the surface of area of the skin to which it is applied.)
  • While clinical studies seem to prove positive results, there are no actual user testimonies available on the website.

Lipozone The Bottom Line

Overall, Lipozone might prove beneficial for a woman who is interested in targeting specific regions of cellulite on her body. The exact results gained by using Lipozone, however, are difficult to ascertain since no user reviews are specifically cited. However, the controlled clinical laboratory testing of this product seems to promise excellent benefits. If a woman trusts that the lab tests were performed accurately and correctly reported, then Lipozone could be a good cellulite-reducing treatment option.