Does Natural Curves Work?

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Question: I am very unhappy with my AA breast size which makes me look like a young boy. My sister has voluptuous big breasts and always makes fun of me and tells me to do something about it. My best friend recommended I try a product called Natural Curves that is a supplement to increase breast size. I really want to try this product and hopefully get the results I wish for and my sister will quit teasing me. How does Natural Curves work?

Natural Curves

Answer: Natural Curves is an all natural herbal supplement for breast enhancement distributed by the company Sunset Internet Marketing. The product claims that research studies concluded that 85% of the women using the product became firmer or increased in breast size. However, a detailed report on this data is not available on the website for review. Like other herbal breast enhancement supplements available on the market, Natural Curves is designed to stimulate the body to elevate estrogen levels consequentially leading to breast tissue growth.

As per the product website’s FAQ section, there are no known side effects associated with use of Natural Curves. Results should be noticed within 30-90 days and the product can be returned if unsatisfied with the results within this time frame.