Nutra-Slim Tea Reviewed: Does Nutra-Slim Tea Work?

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Beth Sanders
Nutra-Slim Tea Overview

Nutra-Slim Tea is manufactured by Dieter’s, who do not have an official website. It is available in a box of 12, 16, 20, 30, and 48. There is a similar product in the same green packaging called Nutri-Slim Tea, also manufactured by Dieter’s, but the ingredients differ. Nutra-Slim Tea is comprised of two ingredients, which aid digestion by preventing constipation. However, there is no scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of Nutra-Slim Tea. There are customer testimonials

Nutra-Slim Tea The Product Details

Nutra-Slim Tea

Nutra-Slim Tea is comprised of two ingredients, Malva Verticellata and Cassia Angustifolia (Senna Leaf Extract). Senna is a natural laxative, which can improve the digestion and prevent constipation, while Malva Verticellata is a diuretic improving urinary tract infections (UTIs) and also acts as a laxative when taken in larger doses. Retailers recommended following a healthy diet when drinking Nutra-Slim Tea. Prices vary from $4.99 for 12 tea bags to $8.99 for 48 tea bags, and prices vary between retailers. There is no official website and no money back guarantee or free trial offered.

Strengths of Nutra-Slim Tea

  • Can be purchased from third party retailers at various prices.
  • Various sized boxes of Nutra-Slim Tea are available.
  • Contains ingredients used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
  • May aid constipation.
  • Reasonably priced product.

Weaknesses of Nutra-Slim Tea

  • Taking Nutra-Slim Tea may have implications, and allergic reactions to one of its ingredients, Malva Verticellata may cause chest pain, shortness of breath, facial swelling, and wheezing.
  • Nutra-Slim Tea may lower blood sugar levels and cause hypoglycemia, which has additional symptoms including anxiety, confusion, sweating, blurred or double vision, and shaking.
  • If you are pregnant, avoiding Nutra-Slim Tea.
  • There is no official website, money back guarantee, or free trial offered.
  • Excess consumption of laxatives may cause dependence and dehydration.

Nutra-Slim Tea The Bottom Line

Nutra-Slim Tea is comprised mainly of laxatives, which are not ideal to use over a long period, as it may cause dependence and slack bowels. There are also many contraindications from one of its ingredients Malva Verticellata. However, it may be effective to take over a shorter period.

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