The Cookie Diet – Finally a Diet You can Stick to!

There aren’t too many diets out there that most people would consider fun or enjoyable to be on. In fact, the majority of the population seems to have a very Garfield like mentality when it comes to dieting, which is understandable, since dieting usually saps us of our energy, heightens our cravings and makes us irritable to everything and everyone around us. No wonder we hate dieting! For that matter, our families and friends probably hate it when we diet too…

The Cookie Diet – Finally a Diet You can Stick to!Diets have become a great way to make a buck in this country, especially because we are known as the fattest country in the world – literally. There are more overweight and obese people in America than in any other country out there, and companies and individuals are taking advantage of that, which is why there are way too many diets and diet products available on the market today. There are all sorts of scams out there and unfortunately, people are spending their money left and right on every new thing that comes out because most of us don’t want to have to work hard to lose the weight; we want a miracle cure, and we want it to happen quickly!

The latest fad diet right now is a strange one. The Hollywood Cookie Diet is the most unique diet yet, and it is exactly what the name implies. On this diet, you have to buy special packages of cookies, and they come in 3 flavors: chocolate chip, lemon and oatmeal. And yes, there are real chocolate chips in the chocolate chip flavored cookies, not ex lax! The cookies are advertised to be loaded with fiber and protein, but when reading the nutrition information, they didn’t appear to have really high amounts of these.

The Hollywood Cookie Diet meal plan is very simple. Basically, you are to substitute breakfast, lunch and all of your daily snacks with 4 cookies per day and then you are supposed to eat a light supper – and that’s it! It doesn’t seem like much, but apparently the cookies are filling and they come individually wrapped so it is easy to take them to work. However, I don’t know how you are supposed to explain it to your coworkers when they see that all you are having for lunch every day is a cookie!

Boxes of these cookies cost around twenty dollars for a package of 12 cookies. That is pretty expensive, considering you would have to pay that amount every 3 days. If you only had a few pounds to lose it might be more worth it, but if you have a significant amount of weight that you want to get rid of then I wouldn’t recommend giving this diet a try. They advertise that as long as you stick to the “meal plan,” you will lose up to 15 pounds a month. Actually, it is possible to lose up to 15 pounds in a month jut by exercising regularly and eating right. 4 cookies a day – even if they are diet cookies does not constitute eating right! I don’t think I would recommend this diet to anyone, because as soon as you go back to regular meals and snacks you will most likely gain the weight back.