Why Too Much Alcohol is Just Bad

Drinking alcohol occasionally is not really bad for general health. In fact, drinking a glass of wine each night can actually minimize your risk for developing cardiovascular diseases. However, the problem is that people do not really know what is moderate drinking. In fact, many young adults are so fond of binge drinking, thinking that their bodies are impervious to the bad effects of alcohol. Well, according to experts, one alcohol drink a day is considered as moderate drinking for women above the age of 65. Meanwhile, for men over 65, having two alcoholic drinks daily is still moderate drinking. Always remember that overconsumption of alcohol can have long term repercussions in the body. So, watch out for the following side effects.

Why Too Much Alcohol is Just BadOne of the adverse effects of intoxication is injuries or even death. Occasional binge drinking may not have a direct backlash on your general health. However, this could lead to injuries and accidents. In fact, 60% of burn injuries, homicides and drowning are related to alcohol drinking. Whether you believe it or not, alcoholic drinks can impair motor skills and mental faculties of a person. Many people have died because of individuals who are grossly irresponsible to drive under the influence of alcohol.

Women should also be careful when it comes to overconsumption of alcohol. It is worth noting that heavy drinking during pregnancy can cause birth defects, such as brain damage and other serious conditions to the baby. The problem is that there are quite a number of women who only realize that they are pregnant when they are already in their second or third month of pregnancy. For the sake of your general health and that of your baby, it is advisable for you to skip alcoholic beverages if you think that you are pregnant.

Lastly, alcohol abuse and binge drinking can have ill effects on a person’s general health condition. Aside from liver diseases, individuals who drink too much have higher risks of developing chronic sleep disorders, heart diseases, stomach bleeding, stroke, depression, and some types of cancer. Since quite a number of people who are intoxicated engage in unsafe sex, too much alcohol can also indirectly spread sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies and even AIDS. Meanwhile, those who are already suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, liver problems, and other serious illnesses should stay away from alcohol abuse. People who drink too much alcohol find it quit hard to manage such diseases.